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Quality Importers Trading Company Named Exclusive Distributor of the Stinky Cigar Accessory Product Line

Posted: 1/10/2011 - 2:16:00 PM

MIAMI, Florida, January 10, 2011 - Quality Importers, the premier cigar accessory manufacturer and distributor, announced today they have acquired exclusive worldwide distribution of Stinky Cigar brand ashtrays and accessories.

Stinky Cigar best known for its original stainless steel ashtray with 4 stirrups bearing the Stinky name and logo, started out as a hobby in 2004 by founder and cigar enthusiast Bill Salviano a.k.a. “Stinky”. Today with various models finishes and sizes to choose from, including the Herf Edition (the world’s largest production cigar ashtray), Stinky Cigar ashtrays can be found in over 1,500 tobacconists nationwide.

“We’ve been looking for a company to partner with and take the Stinky Cigar brand to the next level,” says Salviano. “We now have 10 models in production and over a dozen new cigar accessory concepts under development. We needed a company with a similar vision and strong supply chain to help bring these ideas to market, and Quality Importers is a perfect fit.”

In 2009 Mike Giordano, President of Quality Importers said he would work to increase QI’s market share both organically and through acquisitions.

“Adding the Stinky Cigar ashtray and accessory line to our growing family of brands was an easy decision for us to make,” says Giordano. “Not only do we get a well known, highly functional product that we believe in, we will also continue to collaborate with its founder Bill Salviano (Stinky). This arrangement will quickly deliver more innovation and value to the cigar industry through our products and services.”

About Quality Importers Trading Company
Quality Importers Trading Co., Inc. (QI) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cigar humidors, smoking accessories and custom cigar box packaging. With more than a decade of custom manufacturing and shipping experience, QI’s team is able to provide quality products and valuable services that meet all of their clients’ packaging needs. For more information, visit www.qualityimporters.com,.

About Stinky Cigar
Stinky Cigar is the manufacturer of the Stinky Cigar ashtray line. Founded in 2004, Stinky Cigar continues to expand the concept of cigar ashtrays and smoking accessories. For more information, visit www.stinkycigar.com.



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