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Review Stinky Floor Ashtray by HabanosNut

Posted: 6/18/2012 - 11:05:03 AM

There are plenty of cigar accessories on the market these days, some are worth the hundreds of dollars we pay for them while others simply make a nice looking paper weight. The stinky floor Ashtray is probably my favourite cigar accessory of all time. Sure it's only an ashtray but it has become such a part of my smoking routine that I refuse to use any other ashtray on the market. It's 24 inch height is perfect for any individual sitting in a chair having only to reach to your side to ash your cigar rather then having to stretch across a table to ash it . The bowl is very very deep and can hold roughly 20 cigars before you have to empty it , which really is another nice feature for a lazy smoker like me!!. The added accessory can hold as may cigar accessories that you can through at it . Last but not least the carry handle makes it so easy to move the ashtray without making the ash e or cigars fall out . The four cigar stirrups are curved so even a slight wind will not make them fall off. This really is a no-brainer.!!!!! it's solid stainless steel construction makes it ideal for any patio or deck. Go out and get this you really won't be disappointed.



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