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“Stinky Cigar” Expands Ashtray Line by CigarJournal.co

Posted: 6/14/2012 - 2:19:39 PM

Quality Importers Announces New Ashtray Designed for Automotive Use.

June 12, 2012. Quality Importers, the country’s premier cigar accessory manufacturer and distributor, announced the expansion of the Stinky Cigar brand ashtray line. A new Stinky Cigar Ashtray has been created for the car. It was designed by a true cigar enthusiast with a passion for fine cigars. It still contains Stinky's signature stainless steel finish and was designed to be used with a cup holder and a fine cigar.

True cigar enthusiasts understand that a fine cigar must be held horizontally while lit because vertical placement of a lit cigar can make the flavor and aromas become harsh and rancid. The new ashtray is durable, functional and easy to clean. The attached lid has a unique built-in spring-clip to gently hold your cigar while traveling. Your cigar is gently held in-place for the ride and it will hold all sizes of cigars from small up to 60+ ring gauge.

“Ashtrays are a significant part of a cigar smoker’s arsenal, “says Michael Giordano, President of Quality Importers. “For devoted cigar smokers, they have an ashtray in their car, in their office, their back porch and sometimes in every room of their house.”

The ashtray fits any cup holder - in the car, golf cart, RV, boat or just as a portable ashtray. People who are always on the go carry a portable ashtray for outside locations that do not accommodate smokers.

“We provide the right type of ashtray depending on your preference and taste”, states Michael Giordano. “The company not only provides different models and designs of ashtrays but also offers various other related products. We love what we do and are extremely proud of the quality of our products and the attention we provide our customers over the years.” Stinky Cigar ashtrays can be found in over 1,500 tobacconists nationwide.




Quality Importers
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